Design Development Phase

During the Design Development Phase of the project, our associate architects, interior designers and engineers, along with the equipment suppliers, prepare drawings, details and specifications that describe and fix the intent of the project. Design Development includes:

  • Building systems alternatives with anticipated recoveries for energy efficiency review and selection
  •  Site development infrastructure review and selection
  •  Building assembly alternatives with associated costs/savings review and selection
  •  Equipment vendor review and selection
  •  Back-up energy systems review and selection
  •  Energy management systems review and selection
  •  Weatherproofing assembly review and selection
  •  Exterior finish alternatives review and selection
  •  Interior assembly and finish alternatives review and selection
  • Project phasing requirements are identified, reviewed, and incorporated into the overall Project Development Schedule

At the conclusion of the Design Development Phase:

  • All building assemblies, finishes and equipment have been identified and specified
  •  The project budget has been modified to reflect the selected assembly and/or systems

The schedule has been coordinated to reflect the actual project requirements
Where TVG differs from our competitors is the constant pursuit and identification of those materials so that TVG can leverage its buying power to purchase those items direct. It’s faster and more economical for you, and it allows TVG to maintain schedule control.